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A message to our Canadian patients

With the news about COVID-19, here is what we are doing to ensure you continue to have access to your medication.

We are continuing to closely manage manufacturing and supply chain resources around the world to help ensure our patients continue to receive an uninterrupted supply of their medicines. We are also working with our partners to ensure that services for AbbVie Care members are not disrupted.

You are encouraged to follow your physician’s guidance on taking your medication, and you should not stop taking any medication without consulting with your health care team beforehand. Should you have any questions about your medication, please contact your physician directly.

For assistance accessing your medication or if you have any questions, please contact AbbVie Customer Relations at 1-888-704-8271 / 514-906-9771, or AbbVie Medical Information at 1-888-704-8271 / 514-906-9771.

For AbbVie Care members, please refer to AbbVie Care’s website.

For the latest information about COVID-19, you can consult Health Canada’s website.

During this time of uncertainty, you can count on us to address any concerns you may have around your continued access to your medication. We’re here to support you any way we can.

Thank you,

AbbVie Canada