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Making a Real Impact

Corporate responsibility is ingrained in everything we do. It’s how we run a successful business that makes a genuine and lasting positive impact for patients, employees and communities.


" Our agenda puts patients and our global citizens first. "

Richard A. Gonzalez
Chairman and CEO

Going beyond medicine: Our responsibility approach
Our approach is guided by our Principles, which are foundational to our culture. 

AbbVie Canada Helps Give Back to the Community

In Canada, our goal is to direct our corporate donations and charitable activities towards non-profit organizations and projects that are dedicated to the enhancement of health and quality of life. We want to build our Corporate Responsibility footprint, starting with fostering employee volunteerism.

Learn more about our approach to corporate responsibility from the General Manager of AbbVie Canada:

Tracey Ramsay
Vice-President & General Manager, AbbVie Canada

We believe that being a responsible company involves being an active contributor to the communities in which we live and do business.

Through our work to address some of the world’s most complex health issues, we can align our commercial interests and corporate responsibilities, and in doing so create shared value. We strive to develop and implement innovative, patient-focussed approaches to addressing health care challenges in our society.

Our vision is to help build a sustainable future for our health care system.

Life-long prevention, early diagnosis and integrated care of chronic diseases need to be embraced to extend the healthy life years of our aging population and relieve the burden on our health care system.

Our responsibility is to put patients first. Our deep understanding of patient experiences and health care challenges, combined with our patient-focused approach, has resulted in broadened support for patient education groups and expanded access to our medicines.

New approaches are required to address the challenges our society faces today, and we feel that we have the expertise and commitment to be part of the solution.

Tracey Ramsay
Vice-President & General Manager, AbbVie Canada


Voluntary Disclosure of Payments

We’re guided by openness and transparency in our relationships with health care providers (HCPs), and health care organizations (HCOs).

AbbVie Grants and Donations

Making a Difference

We aim to make a remarkable impact on the lives of patients, with a focus on supporting independent educational grants and making charitable donations.