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Making a Real Impact

Corporate responsibility is ingrained in everything we do. It’s how we run a successful business that makes a genuine and lasting positive impact for patients, employees and communities.


 “ Since our founding in 2013, our commitment to patients and communities has been central to who we are and how we operate. We are committed to advancing health equity through innovative, community-centered partnerships and mobilizing our people to create a remarkable impact around the world. "

Robert A. Michael
Chairman and CEO, AbbVie

Our approach is guided by our Principles, which are foundational to our culture. 

AbbVie Canada Helps Give Back to the Community

In Canada, our goal is to direct our corporate donations and charitable activities towards non-profit organizations and projects that are dedicated to the enhancement of health and quality of life of people – directly

Rami Fayed

Vice President & General Manager, Canada, AbbVie

We believe that being a responsible company involves being an active contributor to the communities in which we live and do business. Our commitment to our community has been a part of our DNA from the beginning. It is who we are.

Our vision is to help build a sustainable future by ensuring our investments of time and resources go further to help people – directly. We proudly serve our communities through our philanthropy, employee giving and volunteerism.

Through our work to address some of the most complex health issues, we can align our business focus and corporate responsibilities, and in doing so create shared value. We strive to develop and implement innovative, patient-focussed approaches to addressing health care challenges in our society.

New approaches are required to address the challenges our society faces today, and we are committed to be part of the solution, to help build a sustainable future for our health care system.


Voluntary Disclosure of Payments

We’re guided by openness and transparency in our relationships with health care providers (HCPs), and health care organizations (HCOs). The objective of the Voluntary Disclosure of Payments initiative is to increase transparency about our operations in Canada and in doing so, increase trust with stakeholders within our healthcare system. Bringing greater transparency to these valuable and well-regulated relationships will contribute to enhancing trust and value for patients, as well as our healthcare system.

AbbVie Grants and Donations

Making a Difference

We aim to make a real impact on the lives of patients, With a focus on our therapeutic areas of business, AbbVie’s corporate giving objective is to ensure our investments go further to help patients - directly.