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Grants and Donations

Making a Difference

We aim to make a remarkable impact on the lives of patients. With a focus on our core therapeutic areas of research, AbbVie’s corporate giving objective is to ensure our investments go further to help patients - directly.  

We support initiatives that are:

  • Sustainable and innovative,
  • Equitable and beneficial, and
  • Pertinent and impactful.

Why Grants and Donations Matter

Through our corporate giving we: 

Improve delivery of care for patients

We support initiatives that will directly strengthen our healthcare system leading to timely and high-quality delivery of care for patients.

Advance patient health equity

We support initiatives that directly promote health equity in underserved communities that impact social and economic disparities in access.

Improve patient outcomes and access to care

We support impactful healthcare initiatives that will directly improve patient outcomes, experience and access to care.

Grant and Donation Process