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Supporting diversity in dermatology research, training, and care

Our story

Photo courtesy of the University of Toronto

AbbVie has made a CDN $3-million donation to establish a pioneering AbbVie Chair in Ethnodermatology at the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine. One of the first positions of its kind in the world, the Chair will drive collaborative academic research, provide advanced training to the next generation of dermatological practitioners, and lead outreach programs to better inform equitable, diverse, and inclusive dermatological care in Canada and around the world.

Photo courtesy of the University of Toronto

Filling Gaps and Addressing Inequities

The Chair’s establishment comes in response to growing calls from clinicians, researchers, and patients to address longstanding gaps and inequities in dermatological research, education, and patient care. In particular, there is increased recognition of the need for new investigations into the distinct impacts of skin conditions on patients of colour, for better and more in-depth data on the disparities in dermatological care provided to different populations, as well as for greater representation of skin of colour in medical education programs and curricula.