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A decade of making a meaningful impact in Canada

AbbVie's Director of Patient Experience Alison Shore shares her thoughts…

AbbVie has evolved into the third-ranked pharmaceutical company in the world and recognized as a Great Place to Work both globally and within Canada.

Though AbbVie has grown in incredible ways, one thing that remains unchanged is its compassion for people, commitment to innovation, service to the community, and uncompromising integrity as it brings new medicines to patients across Canada. The patient’s experience and perspective has remained our focus because bringing forward transformative therapies for people only matters when they are effective and accessible to those who need them.

Since 2013, AbbVie has launched 44 new therapies and indications—these solutions have significantly helped to alter the progression of diseases for countless patients from coast to coast to coast. Through multiple research partnerships, we work to amplify the impact of our scientific progress, because we know many patient challenges cannot be solved alone. With more than 90 active clinical trials with over 3,800 enrolled patients, our dedication to local research and innovation has entrenched AbbVie within Canada’s life science sector.

Looking ahead, we know new approaches will be required to address the needs of our ever-evolving healthcare landscape, and the organization is committed to be part of the solution. AbbVie believes that all Canadians deserve equal, fair and inclusive disease care and it continues to support policies that encourage the development of leading-edge therapies and make a remarkable impact for those who need them most.

As we look to the future, the possibilities are endless. AbbVie remains committed to improving the lives of patients across the country.